Which One’s Better: A Netbook or an iPad?

In the world of mobile computers, the iPad has all the attention. Apple released the third generation of iPads in February and is about to release a smaller version this October. It is predicted that many people will sell old iPad for these two. Even though the standard iPad is too big for many of us, it makes up for that with its great features. Apple’s tablet is definetely one of the reasons why Apple is the much-loved computer company today. However, how useful is an iPad? Will you be able to concentrate on your work with it? Although netbooks are disappearing from the computer scene, there are still a lot of reasons why a netbook is better than the iPad.


You know that you are productive if you have ample time for work and play. For a business to be successful, productivity must be at its best. If you want yourself to be productive, you must use a device that delivers the best opportunity for productivity. Other than the iPad’s lack of keyboard, there are a lot of game apps that you would find tempting and would distract you from work. So better stick with a netbook.



There are a lot of videos that run on Flash. Sadly, the iPad does not support it unless you download an app that does. Apple does not want to support it because of security issues, even though it is a standard on the web that most games and videos use—not to mention some websites run on Flash too for full functionality. Netbook owners do not need to worry about that. Since it runs on Windows, Flash will still work.



Operating System

Let’s be honest. Windows is still the better operating system. Although Apple’s OS is strong, it is still an operating system for mobile computers. Netbooks are still better with their Windows operating system. Although the Apple tablet is more attractive, if you are part of the corporate world, you should rather have a netbook.






If you want productivity, then the iPad is not good enough for a person who types a lot unless you buy a keyboard case. Although its detachable keyboard works fine, you would still need to get used to it. Even the best typists in the world would still find it hard to get along with it. Moreover, the auto-correct feature of the iPad is a little bit bothersome. Simply put: A physical keyboard is better because it is more useful and practical for a long period of time.



There are thousands of apps available in the App Store. Most users would find them valuable, but then again, are they better than the applications in Windows? Most apps that run on Windows cannot run on the iPad; however, many iPad apps work with Windows too.



For many buyers, the price is always part of the consideration. The iPad costs from $499 to $829. Netbooks cost for as little as $199 and they are comparably lighter than the iPad. Yes, the iPad has good functionality but it does not justify its price.


So what do you think? Is it worth it to sell old iPad and get a new one or just buy yourself a much cheaper netbook?


Author Bio: – Yvette Divino is a tech writer for Cash For iPads and Cash For TabletPcs. She starts writing after she resigned from her previous job as a designer. Now she appreciates writing more than designing. Keep in touch with her at @PopTechGal.

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