Nvidia Tegra 2 Vs. Intel Atom

We were pressed to compare NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor to that of Intel’s Atom. Although both are intended for mobile devices, clashing them would be hard since these chips are not compatible with each other and do not run the same software. The Tegra 2 is mostly found on Android devices whereas the Atom is made for netbooks. But just in case you want to compare their speeds, here is a video that shows the power of these processors (courtesy of Carrypad.com).

The laptops are not at their best configs though as speeds could have improved if the Android one is running Honeycomb or maybe ICS. We can say the same for the one running Atom. But nevertheless it is a good demo on how the processors compare when it comes to web browsing.


Intel is poised to release a processor for tablets anytime next year. The problem with the current Atoms is their power consumption. These processors could eat up 3W of powers. This is good for laptops but when it comes to phones and tablets where power consumption is in the range of milliwatts, 3W is a very large number. Hopefully, Intel could address this with their upcoming line of processors. We could be seeing the “intel inside” stickers in tablets soon.


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