Nokia to Introduce a 41 MP Cam Phone

For those who do not want to buy a separate digital camera and want to stick to their phones for snapping photos, this one is for you. Nokia is poised to release the Pureview 808, a smartphone that features an astonishing 41 Megapixel camera.

It looks like this phone is built purely for taking photos as it also features an automatic fill flash, wide range Xenon flash, enormous focal length, various focus options, as well as shooting modes and face detection abilities.

The one thing that could stop this phone from going to U.S. shores is its operating system. Unlike the Nokia Lumia which now sports Windows Mango, the Pureview 808 is sticking to the Symbian platform. This OS has had no success on the US market and is one of the mentioned reasons for the decline of Nokia as a whole.

But why Symbian? According to reports, the phone will feature a one-of-a-kind autozoom function without losing its resolution. It seems that the Symbian OS can only use that function.

Via: Technorati

Photo Credits: IB Times
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