Battle of the Smartphones – Android vs iPhone

Men are social beings, and when it comes to socializing, what is more convenient than having a smartphone? It really is no wonder that, even in developing countries, smartphones are so prevalent. Wherever you go, you will see people starting intently into their smartphones, doing one thing or another.

Smartphone manufacturers are working around the clock to stabilize and expand their foothold in the market, and there is no doubt that in the race to the finish line, the leaders are Android phones and the iPhone. Both camps have their avid supporters, many of whom will argue to the death as to which is better.

This infographic will give you hard numbers as to the standing of each platform. When it was published, it seemed that Android was winning the race – if only because more respondents said they would buy an Android phone over an iPhone. The infographic also covers key features of the phones, including whether or not the battery is replaceable, the availability of apps, text editing operations, aesthetic considerations, memory and storage options, and customization options.

If you are in the market for a smartphone, this infographic may give you some insights that you’ll find useful. If you’re already set in your ways, you might still find out a new thing or two about your preferred phone.


Battle of the Smartphones - Android vs iPhone


Maria Johnston is an Android user and an iPhone enthusiast. She says she has no clear preference but is always open to new options. Maria works in infographic design and blogs in her spare time.

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